Friday, February 24, 2012

Job Prospects For Online News Article Writers Are Expanding

Electronic news has nearly replaced print media. More and more opportunities are available for web-based article writers. Today, you do not have to have a journalism degree to write electronic news articles. A Bachelor's or an Associate's degree and a concentrated field (or fields) of study can be sufficient in most cases, but you still need to know the basics of how to write a news article.

Writing a news article is fairly straightforward. Some writer's enjoy this form of writing because it involves mainly facts. Although news articles can require some creativity, there is not an overwhelming amount of creative writing involved; they follow a simple format. Once it is mastered, you can crank out as many articles that you care to write.

A news article reports information about a recent event. The first step in writing an article is to choose a newsworthy event. The writer may want to explore an important event that would be of interest to his or her readership. Therefore, it is imperative that the writer knows the reader demographics. Knowing their interests will help the writer narrow down his or her selection topics.

The lead paragraph or introduction presents the most important facts. This is where you answer the questions who, what, where, when, why, and sometimes how. If you can answer these questions, given the information you researched and collected, you will have all that you need to write your lead paragraph. The information you collect is from conducting thorough research, interviewing eyewitnesses, and fact-checking processes.

Sometimes, it helps to use an outline or matrix to help the writer coordinate information. You may want to create a framework that lists who, what, where, when, why, and how, and beside each, insert bullet information. That way, you have an easy to read draft outlines to write your story. The outline should also include a supporting facts line. Again, you can bullet the details for the purpose of the outline. Lastly, it should include a section that includes quotes and fact-checking information.

When writing the article, keep your audience in mind. The story should be one that relates to the readership, or it should be a topic that may appeal to a different demographics as well as the target audience, thereby increasing readership. Readers instantly connect to authoritative sources, so whenever possible, include quotes from eyewitnesses or even experts that can offer indirect information to support your article.

The headline is probably the most important creative writing your article will entail. The headline is very important because it is the main feature that attracts the reader's attention and lures him or her into reading the article. Consequently, it must be dazzling! The headline states the article's main idea, using only a few words. Some writers come up with the headline first and proceed to write from there. Others wait until the article is finished and then derive a headline from what is written.


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