Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Deal With a Lack of Education on Your Resume

I get lots of clients that are concerned about their lack of degree on their resumes. It is very common and is one area that is a sensitive spot. When beginning the process of resume writing, what to put under 'Education' can be daunting.

The good news is there are ways to camouflage minimal or lack of education.

If you started college but never finished, you can list the name of the school, years you attended and major. If you want to focus on some relevant coursework taken while there, list the classes.

Adding any professional development courses or training always looks great on a resume and fills in the space that lack of degree left behind. Certifications for seminars, webinars, etc. should also be listed on the resume, if they are relevant to the position you are seeking.

In the unusual case of no education or training at all, omit the section completely and concentrate on making sure your accomplishments stand out.

Whatever you do, don't fabricate a degree. We've all seen the news and watched top execs be publicly stoned and dethroned after being "found out" that their big degrees were big lies. Telling lies may seem like the best way to overcome your lack of education, but the consequence of being found out could be detrimental to your future employment opportunities.


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