Friday, March 23, 2012

Private Preparatory Schools

Private preparatory schools - or 'prep' schools - are a traditional and still popular educational institution choice for many families in England. These schools enjoy the benefit of not being funded through the state system, which allows them grater freedom of choice when making all decisions relating to the school.

Some private preparatory schools are single sex, some are co-educational. You will find private prep schools catering to all needs, with teachers and tutors who have undergone specialist training to help children who need a little more help. Some schools will specialise in particular needs or preferences, such as religious private prep schools, equestrian schools, special needs schools, plus boarding and non boarding.

Some private preparatory schools cater for boarders and operate as a day school at the same time, offering students a great level of flexibility in their living arrangements. This can be very useful for children who are initially worried about boarding full time as it gives them a taste of boarding with the knowledge that they can return home at any time if they so wish. Often these children find boarding full of excitement and fun through the extra time spent with friends and evening entertainment, quickly settling into the new arrangements and forgetting their worries all together.

Private preparatory schools are well known in England and Wales for their generally outstanding performance and high teaching reputations. Smaller class numbers of around 16-23 children mean teachers and tutors have more time with each individual child, getting to know their needs and preferences better and helping the teacher to best accommodate that child's learning style. This can be a large benefit over state schools who may be forced to class well over 35 children at a time.

Private preparatory schools are usually set in older buildings such as manors and manor farms, offering children a secure and beautiful surroundings in which to learn. The children often appreciate the special outdoor surroundings, and the knowledge that the child has the ability to play outside with friends in safety is a relief and a 'weight off' for many parents. Children in state schools rarely have this kind of opportunity after school hours, and parents are often at home worrying while their child plays in public parks which are less secure.

Private preparatory schools are largely funded through their charitable status, wills, and subscriptions. Parents pay a fee per term to have their children educated in the school. Fees vary massively depending on a number of factors. It is these fees, along with other forms of payment, which allow the school to operate without the government paying for it. As this is the case, the schools can make their own decisions with less restriction, something seen by many to produce better results year after year.

Private prep schools always strive to give pupils the best education they can using small class sizes, with skilled and dedicated staff. They aim to bring each child to their full potential, providing opportunities for them to grow in self-reliance, self-achievement and self-discipline whilst instilling the values of personal responsibility and consideration for others.


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