Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Master Degree: is it Worth it?

It is known that education is very necessary for people’s life. We cannot live without knowledge and education. Some people may do anything as long as they can get masters in criminology. They will be willingly to take more side jobs in order to save money to continue their study to reach a master degree. Meanwhile, other people assume that there is no need to continue their study to get a master degree. They think that getting a bachelor degree is already enough. Therefore, is getting master degree really worth it?

Many people agree that by getting a master degree they can grab more opportunities. Some people will pursue masters in criminology as they want to give more contributions in criminal world. More so, they want to conduct further study about criminology and fight for justice. Some companies may give a higher salary for those having a master degree. Besides, there should be proof that you are skillful in your major or field of study. Most students will struggle to get a scholarship to continue their study to get a master degree. Meanwhile, the presence of online education allows many students to obtain a master degree in the middle of their activities as a working person.

Some other people do not agree that people can be successful by only getting a master degree. Those people believe that if a person is interested in criminology does not mean that they have to obtain criminology masters degree after graduating from undergraduate school. Some companies may not only see the academic records of the applicants but what contribution the applicants had already given to the society. Hence, many people do not tend to continue their study to get a master degree.

Furthermore, it is up to you either you want to pursue a master degree or not. Everyone has his/her own reasons including the decision to reach a master degree.


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