Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Opportunities to Get Scholarships for Master Degree

If I have a lot of money, I will directly continue my study to obtain a master degree especially masters in human resource management. There are many things I want to learn. I even do not know the reasons why those having a lot of money do not want to continue their study to get a master degree. Maybe they think that obtaining a master degree is not important anymore. Otherwise, I still think that getting a master degree is indeed very necessary since I will get a lot of opportunities. There will be many experiences I can get once I obtain a master degree. Then, I decide to get a scholarship to obtain a master degree. Actually, there are many chances we can take to obtain a scholarship.

The first one is making a research proposal. If we are planning to take masters degree in business management by scholarships, we can start making a research proposal about business management. It will be better if the research proposal has benefits for the development of business world. Then, we can call the advisor of a university in which we are looking for scholarships at. We can explain our research proposal and find if there is an opportunity to get a scholarship for a master degree. Make sure that we do not force or disturb the advisor so that we can still have a good relationship with him. The second one is contacting the scholarship provider. There are many scholarship foundations which provide a scholarship for us. The thing is we have to fulfill all the requirements such as getting recommendation letters, having a high score of TOEFL or IELTS, and making a good personal statement or essays. No need to be afraid of the failure. We need to just apply, try hard, and do the best. The success will follow at once.

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