Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing and Career Opportunities

Building a business in essay writing services is believed to be profitable. People will buy higher to get an excellent writing. Nowadays, there are also some writing courses offered to us. Through the advancement of technology, we can get online writing courses as well. No wonder that we can build our successful future career from writing. There are many job titles that require us to have an excellent writing skill. Moreover, we can see that there are many career opportunities we can get if we have a great writing skill.

The first one is, of course, as a writer or an author. We can be a novel writer, a content writer, a copy writer, a social media writer, an essay writer, and the like. We can work as a freelancer or in a publishing company. For some people it is quite hard to be a professional writer. For example, a book may be rejected hundred times by some publishers. For the writer, this matter is very depressing and troublesome. Otherwise, when we keep pushing ourselves to always produce brilliant and excellent writing, success will be in our hand soon or later. Knowing how a book can be best-seller is sometimes quite mysterious. So, the only thing we should do when we want to be, as an example, a novel writer is to keep writing by taking a unique angle or topic. In addition, we can utilize social media. For instance, we can be a writer to write content for a company blog. Of course we will not work for free. Every essay or content we write must be paid. One more important thing is to always keep our portfolio appealing and grab lots of writing experience.

The second one is as an editor. We should know there is an important role of editor to make a book become best-seller. A professional editor will be paid higher when his/her ability to “polish” a book is satisfactory and result in a huge success. Otherwise, an editor will require not only an excellent writing skill but also a great instinct. Accuracy can be one the required skills had by an editor. Being an editor does not mean that we only deal with the grammatical rules of a book but also how to make the story or the writing order become more appealing. We can work as an in-house editor or freelance editor. This job can be quite challenging, let alone those as book lovers.


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